Eat, Drink, & Be Mary!

Back to IF (with pictures today!)

IF or Intermittent Fasting. Much like paleo/primal eating in general, the very idea of fasting goes against conventional wisdom. For me, that’s the PERFECT reason to give it a serious try. (insert evil laugh here)

I have read about IF on many websites including marksdailyapple, which I respect and trust. However, leangains seems to be the best source for a plethora (I couldn’t read it all if I had my whole life) of IF information. Not only is the author funny and sarcastic, he’s downright rude to people who ask stupid questions which makes it even funnier to me. Although, I have to admit I’d probably never post a comment or ask a   fear of his wrath! If you are interested, I would start with this article and then just poke around on the site for general IF and specific (to your situation) information as well as testimonials.

So, on that note, I had a cup of coffee with some coconut milk this morning. I haven’t had coffee this week (until today, obviously) but little E screamed out at 10:30 (I was actually in bed doing night time yoga at 9! so I was already asleep by 10:30). I soothed him and put him back to sleep with a song. Then I was having some upset stomach and he started screaming again. I calmed him down, went back to bed, and he started screaming again so I just went “F it!” and put him in my bed. He woke me up a couple of times by kicking me or mumbling but it was way less startling than the blood curdling screams that were coming from his room. :-/ So, that’s why I had the coffee - and I’d do it all over again. (the coffee part, not the waking up in the middle of the night) 

I read an article on leangains yesterday detailing why some people get hungry shortly after breakfast even if it is a healthy, satiating protein and fat filled breakfast. Long and short of it has to do with cortisol and insulin sensitivity. It’s better to wait a couple of hours to eat when your waking cortisol level decreases to a more average level. I have said before that when I fast on workout days I feel great! I think on non-workout days it’s just mental for me. If I’m around the house and fixing delicious breakfasts for my kids it is difficult to not go ahead and eat with them. I was mentally prepared today, after reading so much on the subject last night and I also was out of the house coaching. I am not working out today, however, to rest my knee and elbow. I ran about 600 meters and stretched my lower body. After waking at 6 and getting out of bed around 6:20 I was not hungry until a little after 11. I ate closer to 12 because I had to pick up E from school.

We will go went to the hospital this afternoon to take D because something is wrong with her foot/heel/ankle. She’s been limping on it for almost a week now. She gets around fine, can stand on it, and I see nothing. It doesn’t seem like it was trauma - just came on sort of gradually that she wouldn’t walk on it. The stupid military clinic was (quite understandably) closed on the 4th of July but they’re closed TODAY, too and tomorrow is a half day?! Really, people? The German doctor refused to speak English even to Dottie :-/ so I was (poorly) translating. He said (probably the only English I heard from him) “It’s not the bone”, scribbled something on a paper, handed it to me, and left. The nurse, who thankfully was kinder, still explained nothing but put some topical analgesic on the ankle with an ace bandage. I’m guessing it’s some sort of sprain or strain although there is no visible swelling or bruising. We iced her ankle before dinner.

For my breakfast at lunch time I had shredded pork, 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, 1/4 of a giant garden zucchini, 1/4 of an avocado, sauerkraut, a long, sweet, red pepper, and then a bowl of pan warmed banana slices with cinnamon, coconut butter, and nut butter. Oh my was that ever delicious!



I hopped in our new shower stall for the first time while E was napping (lucky) and then we headed to the hospital (see above). On the way home we strolled through Edeka (a grocery store) and it went something like “Can I have that?” “No.” “May I please have that?” “No.” rinse, repeat. To be perfectly honest there are many things that I feel like saying “Can I have thaaaaaaaat?” haha It’s a pretty awesome store. We needed coconut milk for ice cream and chocolate chips for zucchini bread. We left with coconut milk, chocolate bars (b/c apparently they don’t have chips), cabbage for more sauerkraut, Kombucha b/c they had it and I’ve always wanted to try it, and a dark chocolate candy bar with shredded, toasted coconut in it - I couldn’t resist.

For dinner we had chuck roast that had been in the Crock Pot all day - melty delicious fatty goodness Mmm. We had a bag of microwave veggies b/c that is the point I am at with food preparation. Ice cream takes precedence. I made pumpkin ice cream and started the machine. It was done before we were finished with dinner and we topped it with cinnamon and dark chocolate crumbles.


The Roast in the pot b/c I had already eaten what was on my plate as well was what was left on E’s before I thought of taking a picture - I was hungry!



Although this looks and sounds delicious (and was, by all accounts), D and I decided that the chocolate chip cookie dough version was better. That ice cream base was cooked with egg yolk and this was not - perhaps the magical difference of just the flavor is better. We must run more experiments to determine! So, I prepared a strawberry based, that I cooked with egg yolk and put in the fridge to cool to try tomorrow or this weekend.


I also threw together some pesto - had to before the basil starts to wilt or get moldy. 



I still read ZERO in my text books. This does NOT bode well for the start of my classes. I am not kidding here people. Maybe I just won’t work out for 2 weeks…or maybe we’ll be eating crock pot meats and microwaved veggies for every single meal…or maybe I will sleep 3 hours a night…or maybe all of the above and then I’ll be quite a sight when the Hubs comes home :-/ AH! I suppose I could have read for about 20 minutes after dinner but I’m coaching tomorrow and I spent my time studying technique videos as that is more timely and important than getting ahead for classes. Lord help me, please.

w00t! One more day without the Hubs successfully navigated! One less day I have to spend without him! Good Night tumblrs xo

Osteopathic update.

My knee is a little bit sore. All of the places that were poked and prodded feel bruised but that will pass. My ankle, which was quite sore yesterday, is less so today. I will just pay close attention to my knee (especially in tomorrow’s squat & jumping WOD) and continue to document. As long as it continues to improve, albeit slowly, I will be pleased. My elbow felt better today, as I did as little as possible with it. (that’s not really what the osteopath worked on but if it keeps acting up I may be visiting him again for my dang elbow as I’m sure I’ll get less than stellar results from military medicine.)