Eat, Drink, & Be Mary!

Thanks to my wonderful friend Marisa and an early birthday and Christmas present from my darling Hubs <3 I am now reading “Make It Paleo" on my kindle app on my new iPad. 

I often use (and LOVE) the recipes from The Food Lovers Primal Palate so I am super excited to have a cookbook FULL of delicious sounding recipes.

This evening we started putting them to the test. We had turkey meatloaf with a side of asparagus and N’oatmeal cookies for dessert! The meatloaf was super easy to make and has a great flavor! The cookies were also very simple to make and are hearty and delicious. I am not a huge fan of the pumpkin seeds in the cookies but it will be easy enough to leave them out if my final decision is that the cookie will be better without them.

For those of you that are interested, I’m still plugging away at my B.S. I am in week 5 of 8, finished with one midterm and working on the halfway-point paper for the other class. So far, I have a 100 and probably another 100 but it could be a 99 ;-) Anyway, taking a little time off from regular blogging is obviously paying off in time and concentration. My family and I are also preparing to move from Seoul to Stuttgart, so that’s a pretty big event to prepare for, as well. We’ll be spending a month in the States before the move to Germany. The move will be smack dab in the middle of finals … but I’ll make it through and come out of it all ready to relax and enjoy a lovely Christmas with friends and family and then embark upon an epic European adventure!! :)

So, as we approach Thanksgiving and I try out new recipes from my cookbook I’ll blog here and there! Enjoy!

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